Microsoft Surface Promo Code – Review on Surface RT & Surface Pro

Latest Microsoft Surface Deals for better savings

Microsoft Surface RT

Microsoft Surface RT 32 GB (tablet only) Ultra-thin and light, Surface RT is the thin and light tablet you’ll take with you everywhere. Type/Touch Cover not included.

Offer Price: $499.99

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro 128 GB (tablet only) A laptop in tablet form, Surface Pro brings together the best of Microsoft in one awesome new device. Touch/Type Cover not included.

Offer Price: $999.99

Microsoft Refurbished Surface RT

Microsoft Refurbished Surface RT, 32 GB tablet with black Touch Cover, Ultra-thin and light, this refurbished Surface RT includes a Touch Cover and Office 2013 RT.

Offer Price: $539.99

Detailed Review on Microsoft Surface
Checkout the latest Microsoft Surface Promo Code from Microsoft store for its new invention into tablet market. Surface RT & Surface Pro both with the whole world’s focus shifted on tablets, competition seems tough. While many give attention to iPad and other known names, it cannot be denied that the world still runs on Windows. Microsoft Surface is Windows’ answer to the public’s demand for the company to create a tablet which runs the advantages of a Windows product. Therefore, if you are completely into Windows applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, or perhaps Photoshop, this tablet is the best device for you.

Microsoft-SurfaceIn reality, this product is neither a tablet nor a laptop, it can possibly be both. It can be heavier than a regular, light laptop. At the same time, it is also rectangular in shape, compared to other tablets which are more square. It is a convenient product which comes with the newest and fastest interfaces, like the USB3 which can be used to send files at an extreme speed. It also includes a beautifully amazing HD screen with fast processor. For users who may want to make things easier by using a keyboard, the keyboard is big enough to make typing easily, complete with a forward delete and a backspace button. It can also be used to connect to bigger screens.

Screen Quality and Resolution – The display’s 10.6″ 1920 x 1080 HD screen is amazing, with its 208ppi resolution. The technology behind this is called optical bonding wherein different types of chemical bonds are used in order to prevent condensation, resulting to an enhanced delivery of text, contrast, and at the same time reducing glare and reflectivity.
Full Windows Compatibility – Yes, this product will run all Windows programs. Primarily, it is designed for running Windows 8 applications, but it also works well for applications from previous versions.
Touch Screen – The product’s integrated touch screen is convenient. It also comes with a stylus for better fucnctioning.
Keyboards – There are two kinds of keyboards available for this product. One is called touch cover, which is flat, while the other is called type cover, a smaller version of a regular keyboard. It comes with individual keys, making it easy to type with it.

Battery Life – The battery life of this product is comparably poorer than other tablets and ultrabooks. This is because Intel processor is being used in this device, which tends to be more powerful. Therefore, if may not be possible to rely on this product for long term use.
Touch Screen – The provision of a stylus means that touch may not be all enough when performing certain actions on specific applications.
Eye strain when working with non-Windows 9 applications – This product is specially designed for Windows 8 applications. Though it is still possible to work on applications working on their versions, readability may be challenging.
surface_tablet_chartMicrosoft Surface accessories include an invisible shield, memory card, tablet sleeve, wedge mouse, and a surface pen (stylus). Indeed, this new offer from Microsoft is a good answer to the request of many Windows users. If you are interested in purchasing this product online, you may be able to save money by using promo codes and discount coupons.

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